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VideoPad Video Editor is a free video editing tool that puts various professional editing tools at your disposal in a simple and easy to use way.

You can add several types of media: video, audio and images. These are separated into several time lines, either sequential or parallel (the latter only for audio), and you can then begin to shape your creation.

For this you can draw upon the retouching and video optimization tools included in the program. These allow you to adjust the levels of brightness, color and contrast, or apply different effects to each video clip.

As if this were not enough, VideoPad Video Editor also allows you to export our creation in various video files or to a CD or DVD.
How to adapt vertical videos to panoramic resolutions

One of the great sorrows of the digital age lies in trying to play vertical videos on panoramic screens, something that usually only the vilest techies with the blackest hearts can manage to do. The two enormous black strips on both sides of the film can be terribly repulsive, but luckily there are tricks to “clean up” this problem by applying a series of effects at a later stage. We’re going to explain here how to add an adaptable, blurred background to your videos using the free tool VideoPad Video Editor.
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For Windows 2000/XP/Vista.

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